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devastating effects of workplace depression

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The Early Light of a Long Sunrise

TARGET MENTAL HEALTH…and the facts are… The Early Light of a Long Sunrise It is like the early light of a long low sunrise. Night is ebbing. Dawn has awakened. But a tough, long day lies ahead. That’s how the fight against mental illness looks and feels. Yet, we can see streaks of progress across […]

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Making Mental Health a Global Development Priority

MAKING MENTAL HEALTH A GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT PRIORITY Global Mental Health & Psychiatry Newsletter: Career, Leadership and Mentorship Program By Eliot Sorel, MD Newsletter Volume II, No. 2 June 2016 Read More >

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Finding a Cure for Depression: Plausible Objective?

TARGET MENTAL HEALTH… and the facts are… Find a Cure for Depression: Plausible Objective? Finding a cure for mental disorders is a stated objective of the largest government mental health funding agency in the world, the US National Institute of Mental Health. Mental Health International found a consensus among leaders of business and science that: […]

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