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devastating effects of workplace depression

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Global Mental Health: A Powerful Investment in the Economies and Peoples of the World

In 2007, Canada’s Ambassador to the United States, Michael Wilson, the country’s onetime Minister of Finance and an international business leader, said major issues such as “energy, security and trade demand international solutions and I absolutely include mental health in that.” By Eliot Sorel, MD, Senior Scholar in Healthcare Innovation and Policy Research, Clinical Professor of […]

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Depression, trauma – Physical disorders with psychological effects

TARGET MENTAL HEALTH… and the facts are… Depression, trauma – Physical disorders with psychological effects The MATRIX below demonstrates the powerful links between major depression and a wide range of chronic conditions which are now the number one public health challenges facing the world. Read More >

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Breaking Through: Advertising Campaign Attracted Millions of Readers in Promoting Brain Health in a Brain Economy

In March, 2013, the 5th US/Canada Forum for Mental Health and Productivity convened by Mental Health International at the prestigious Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto produced a powerful consensus among leaders in science and business that steps are called for to accelerate the translation of brain knowledge into improved treatments for brain-based […]

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